1931 Alvis 12/60 TL Doctor’s Coupe

A very original, matching numbers Alvis motorcar with Drophead coachwork by Cross & Ellis, fitted with rear Dickey Seat. Substantially re-built by previous owner right down to the ash framework. Reconditioned engine, now starts on the button with good oil pressure. Rare opportunity to acquire a genuine pre-war Alvis fully sorted by marque expert.

The Alvis TK 12/60 was introduced in 1931 as a sportier version of the well known 12/50 model, an extremely important series for Alvis and the car that really put Alvis on the map.The principal improvements were a higher compression engine, with a longer stroke 1645cc engine, twin SU carburettors and a close ratio gearbox. The engine output was 56bhp compared with normal 50bhp of the later 12/50’s. The crankcase and sump are aluminium castings with cast iron being used for the cylinder block and head. The camshaft, dynamo and magneto are driven by a train of gears from the front of the engine. Later cars feature electric fuel pumps and coil ignition. There is no water pump. The suspension is by leaf springs at the front & rear with Andre Hartford friction disc damping.

All Alvis 12/60s were lively and fun to drive, strong and reliable.
Features of the 12/60 include:- Ingeniously concealed hood mechanism, Fold-flat windscreen, Extra ‘dickey’ seat hidden away in the rear bodywork with room for luggage.

Alvis did not have their own coachbuilding facilities and used several specialist firms one of which Cross & Ellis were one. 

Only 282 12/60’s (in all its variants) were made between 1931 and 1932, and between 60 to 120 examples are thought to exist to this day, which is a very high percentage survival rate and a great testament to the factory build-quality. In the 1920’s Alvis sold their cars with the slogan – Master of the Kings Highway, seemingly not far off the mark.

This exceedingly rare and pretty vintage sportscar needs nothing, ready to use and enjoy. Come for a spin back in time and discover why Alvis Motorcars have such an avid following. You may even become an Alvis afficinado!