We are constantly reminding buyers that Classic Cars are an appreciating investment and to prove the point we have selected a number of cars from our SOLD Gallery that have been re-marketed (by others) for a lot more than we originally sold them for. In some cases with very substantial increases, occasionally over 100% more!

Our low overheads and Northern location enable us to offer these rare cars at the very keenest prices.

To illustrate the high quality of our vehicles we let the following examples speak for themselves.  A Kult Kars supplied Alvis TD21 DHC  was selected to represent Alvis Cars in the London Olympic Cavalcade of Classic Cars. And a pre-war Riley Adelphi Special, which we sold for a very modest sum, was used to advertise the exclusive Schloss Bernsberg Classic Rallies for 2015 (see pic)

Need we say more?