1948 Riley RM 1,5 Litre Drophead Coupe Sold

A meticulous restoration which started life as an RME saloon. It was completely rebuilt with drophead coachwork by a European Professional Restorer with 20 years experience in his trade. All bodywork is to the highest Concours Standards. It was exhibited on the RM Owners Club Stand at the Classic Car Show Club Stand at last year’s NEC Exhibition. (See pic 2)  

A complete new interior has been fitted with new woodwork with high gloss finish. Now resplendent in Willow Green with Magnolia interior and new whitewall tyres, this most handsome Riley, received a thorough check over this year by RM Specialist Engineers at a cost of £3000.

Comes with new lowline, easy to erect black hood and hood bag. Superb carpeted boot. Owner’s Manual.

This must surely represent an ideal opportunity to acquire a wonderful looking four seater open Riley for much less than the price of an original.

The RM Series cars were the last ‘proper’ Rileys – the swansong of the marque before it was subsumed into the mighty British Motor Corporation. The model range was manufactured in Coventry until 1949, when production moved to the MG factory at Abingdon. The RMA/RME were large Saloons powered by 1.5-litre four-cylinder engines, while the 7-inches longer RMB/RMF models featured twin-cam 2.5-litre units. The RMC and RMD were limited edition soft-tops. While the latter was a conventional two-door Drophead Coupe, the RMC was a two-door Roadster version of the RMB. The 2.5 litre four-cylinder powerplant produced some 100bhp and was also unusual in having twin pushrod-operated camshafts placed high in the cylinder block.