1952 Bentley MK.VI Special by Bob Ford of Royston ….. Sold

This professionally-built and well-known special-bodied Bentley was acquired by a Scottish enthusiast in 2014 who set about a full-scale restoration, costing tens of thousands, resulting in the transformed car you see today.

In 2016 the engine was completely overhauled and the brakes, suspension and fuel systems were renovated, mostly by Ross McLeod at Dalkeith Motors.

In 2017 the car was moved to Angus Berthinussen’s workshop to have final work done on the body and be fitted with a hood, seats and tonneau cover. Angus also owns an immaculate Bentley Special and both cars were displayed side by side at the 2018 Glamis Classic Car Show.

Bob Armstrong did a great job of spraying the Special in an authentic Bentley Midnight Blue and in May 2018 the car was finally ready for the Show ring.

The dark blue interior features leather-trimmed bucket seats and dark blue carpet and the walnut dashboard, with a full complement of instruments keeping driver and passenger appraised of progress. Aficionados of post-war Bentley engineering will appreciate the quality and thorough attention to detail (leather wrapped rear springs etc) which, combined with the well presented, understated dark blue coachwork and multi-spoke wire wheels, creates a truly handsome and fully-sorted tourer.

This actual car is featured in Ray Robert’s Book of Bentley Specials (p 615, 644 Vol.2) copy entries included in history file, along with Bentley Driver’s Club Valuation Certificate for £75,000 by Allan Fogg, BDC Valuation Officer (dated 2/4/18) Factory Build Cards. Detailed owner’s notes of all expenditure plus over 150 invoices from specialist suppliers and photo album of restoration progress. V5 Logbook (showing correct body type) Sundry spares, tools and keys.

Previous history of this car.

When Paul Clifton purchased this Special, reputedly in the late 70‘s or 80‘s, he was not happy with the OTS body which had been built by the previous owner, a Mr Metcalf. The chassis however had been completely rebuilt and all the mechanics overhauled so he decided to design a new four seater all-alloy body, and entrusted the work to Master Craftsman Bob Ford of Royston, well known for examples of superb bodywork that can be seen on many Bentley Specials including ones from exclusive Vintage Bentley Specialist Stanley Mann.

Bob worked from sketches drawn up by Paul and a fine looking car was the result. It retains the chassis in its original length and is much better proportioned than many MkVI/R-type specials, where ride height and proportions often leave much to be desired.

The petrol tank was modified to enable a spare wheel to be fitted. P80 Lucas Road King lights and a XK120 Roadster windscreen incorporated. Originally designed without doors, these were added during the latest rebuild.

Subsequent owner was a Mr Surtees, not John, but a Phillip S. of Staffordshire.

The special-body concept has been an important part of the classic Bentley movement for many years but really came to fruition from the mid-1960s onwards, spurred on by a ready supply of strong, well-engineered chassis clothed in poor-condition bodywork due to the low quality post-war steel used in their bodywork construction.

Car is available to view at Lytham St Annes in Lancashire by appointment. Call or text John on 07909 231414. Transport arranged at £1 pr/mile (one way only charged)

We also have 2 other Bentley Specials of similar vintage available.