1973 Rover V8 4 Door Coupe Sold
Upgraded 3,9 l Rover V8 Engine with 4 sp (ZF) AUTO

This one-off, luxury car (often referred to as the poor man’s Rolls Royce) was completely dismantled and meticulously rebuilt during the mid 90s, by Auto Restorations of Rayleigh, Essex. This is supported by 15 detailed pages of Invoices amounting to £23,000. Engine, screens, interior were all taken out and the axle dropped in order to fully detect areas to be prepared for welding or re-leading with many panels and chassis components replaced/re-made. The bodywork was then etch-primed and repainted in Olde English white over Damson Red and coach-lined like the original.. The underside was painted in red oxide, then 2 coats of stone-chip and finally waxoiled. Comprehensive mechanical overhaul at every stage.

Front seats and doors were re-trimmed in ivory leather, rear seats re-colonised, carpets replaced (now protected by over-rugs). Door cappings re-lacquered. Recently, new brake servo and master cylinder. Re-tempered rear springs. Electronic ignition. Edelbrock Air Filter.

It has to be said that the P5’s were not the last word in performance. Whilst being perfectly adequate when new, technology has moved on, therefore a subsequent owner had the car re-engined with the later, more powerful, 3.9 Rover unit with Holley Carb built by McDonald Racing in London, breathing through an Edelbrock filter. This was mated to a fully rebuilt BMW ZF 4-speed AUTO box in place of the Borg Warner 3-speed original.

The total cost of all these works is estimated at nearly £30,000, most of which is at 1990’s prices, so would be at least double that today. Apart from its striking looks both inside and out (and underneath) it is exhilarating to drive with seemingly limitless power and acceleration.

Here is a chance to acquire a fully modernised, high performance machine, at a tremendous saving on its original rebuilding and conversion cost. It would be the perfect vehicle for Historic Rallying or Family Touring, where modern reliability is highly desirable. The 3.9 Rover engine is the same as fitted in the 1990’s to Range Rover, TVR, Morgan, MG etc. The original B/W 3-speed gearbox, often referred to as the ‘weak link’ in the P5 has been replaced by the modern ZF box with 4th Overdrive gear for effortless Motorway cruising, this only kicks-in above 50 mph, so should enhance fuel economy as well as performance.

Comes with History folder and large amount of engineering bills. Owner’s Handbook, Workshop Manual, Owner’s toolkit in slide-out tray. Large tools in boot. Original Rover Sales Brochure, Box of Rover spare parts, Free HISTORIC taxation class. MOT Sept 2016.

Bound to appreciate – you won’t find another like it!!

For more details call John on 01253 734199.